Handmade By My Mom

You see this lovely elephant? My mom made it! It is unbelievable!
She is like a magician - creates magic does beautiful handmade toys and more. Have no idea why I haven’t shared this beauty before.

So, here is one cute elephant in the details.

As I mentioned, except toys she makes also Patchwork Panno and more beautiful and unique handmade things. She doesn’t have her own website (yet) but you can follow her on Instagram: @anel65

Product Photography, Food Photography

What's for dinner?

Spaghetti With Bottarga and Cherry Tomatoes 


I simply love to cook. It is another way for me to be creative and it’s also a good opportunity to take some images. 

This time I want to share the simple one light setup for food photography.

In this light setup I used:

Profoto B1
- Foam Board: Balck
- IKEA Cover panel with walnut effect

Two-stop Collapsible Diffuser
Foam Board: White

Shoot with:
Nikon D850
Nikon 28-300mm

Image editing software:
Capture One

Light setup

Light setup



On-location with Profoto B1 Kit


"First Impression" 

Shoot on location in Mill Valley with Profoto B1 Kit