Would not expect to see this…

I heard like something fell down in our balcony but not just something it was a huge condors! Wow! He looked both respectful and scary. I quickly grabbed my smartphone to take some shots because I have never seen a condors before! After a few moments this creature took off, which made me wonder – what is this bird even doing here? I mean, something brought this bird to this place…


And here it is! In another window I saw the whole picture, or should I better say, a scene. More condors! Flying all over the perimeter and sitting on the roof of Wells Fargo. Turns out a car ran over a skunk (I did not see it personally, but I could clearly see a skunk or what’s left of him). Yes, poor little thing. It’s a bad day in skunk community but I guess it was a lucky day for condors which were feasting on a poor skunk. What else can I say. Usually things like this you would most likely see on discovery channel not in the morning from you window. 


Well I guess this is what real wild life looks like.


Honestly, I feel deeply sorry for the skunk. Hope he had a good life.

Annet Katan2019Comment